Intentionality Over Resolutions

     As the New Year is quickly approaching, most people will be accessing their past year. Some will take inventory of their accomplishments. Others will be accepting their failures. And still some, will be putting together a last ditch effort to make all things right in the new year to come, with resolutions and empty promises. Don’t get me wrong, setting goals for a new year can be a great thing. But when does that planning become an attempt to fix things you don’t intend to follow through with?

     Sometimes our intentions to “do the right thing” end up setting us up for failure. Why? Because although we have an idea of what we want to change, we don’t possess the desire to follow through on it. Our goals to fix ourselves are often built on a foundation of self-help. We want to fix ourselves to earn the satisfaction and affection of others. This goal can never be attained because we were not created to be satisfied by the opinions of others. We were not designed to target our problem areas and fix them by pressing a magic button or by reading a certain amount of books. Self-evaluation for the purpose of growth and change are necessities in this life. Self-evaluation for the sake of perfection achieved by our own means, is not.

     Each and every one of us were designed with a purpose as unique as our fingerprints. But our ability to grab the wheel of our lives and drive it erratically is nevertheless the same. When we sense that we are approaching a new season we default to problem solving much to the result of our own demise. We cannot and should not attempt to fix ourselves! By experience, I know much less about myself than I often think. Good news, God knows everything there is to know about me!

     My mantra will indefinitely define my intentions in life: we were designed for a purpose. Our designer knows everything about us because He designed us (Psalm 139:13). If He knows every hair on my head, how much more does already know the path set before me (Luke 12:7). So if He designed me and knows me down to the specific number of hairs on my head, why do I continue on the mascaraed of fleshing out answers to solve my issues? Because when I allow myself to wallow in self-pity and self-loathing, I miss that the point of me seeking Him is for relationship. And in that relationship is all the healing I need. In that relationship are the answers to the issues I deal with. In that relationship is the renewal of my mind that draws my heart into submission with Him. And in that, I am free to lay down my whole self. The things I think I do right as well as the things I don’t feel so sure about. And there, I find peace. There I am comforted in knowing that He isn’t going to fix me. He is going to mold me into the person He destined me to be. There He is going to show me, that my imperfections are meant to be laid down and traded with truth. The truth that in Him, I am a new creation. In Him, I don’t need to wait for a new year to hold tight to real change, permanent change. In Him, there is growth that well outweighs the insecurities and shuts the door to the thoughts that hold me captive.

     I challenge you. Don’t make empty resolutions of all the things you want to change about yourself in the coming year. Instead, be intentional. Take that step to allow God to peak into every area of your heart. Even the icky stuff. Allow Him to reveal those weaknesses. Not so He can throw them in your face, but so He can show you the great plans He has for you when you allow Him to heal those places. We all have insecurities. They reveal our great need for a loving Father. No more hiding. Let’s step into the light. Even better, let’s be the light.

Natasha TubbsComment