Steward Wisely

     This year so far has opened my eyes to many things. To be honest, I don’t believe that my eye awakening experiences are sudden. I believe it is only when we truly let go of the steering wheel of our lives and surrender it to Jesus that revelation pours into our hearts like a river overflowing. Why do we allow ourselves to commandeer the ships of our lives only to hand over the captain’s seat when we get lost or when we are uncomfortable in life? The answer is much simpler than we think. Control.

     I said it. Control. The big “C” word. Most of us don’t like to admit that we may take more control than we’d like to think. God gave us directives for our lives as His children. Sorry to break it to you, but control was not one of them! Our society and culture are bound to control. The definition of control we know best is, “to have power over.”[1] We are preconditioned to believe that we must have every area of our lives written out, planned, then we must captain the ship of our lives. I’m sure you’ve had questions like, “so, what is your 5year plan? Or my recent favorite, “what is your plan with all of the education you have?” These well-meaning questions unfortunately leave us feeing bewildered and often questioning if maybe we have lost all control over our lives. Especially when we do not have the answers to these question. But we have to confidently stop those questions from creating the overwhelming storm in our soul and instead ask ourselves, where should God fit in this equation?

     As many would like to believe, God is not far off in the distance waiting for us to tag Him when we think we may need a little bit of help. No! He made it very clear that He is to be the Captain of our lives, not the Co-Captain. Jesus reminds us that we are to, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33). When our compass points to Him, He establishes the path before us. We limit the issues that we run into because we are trusting Him rather than ourselves. We also are able to see things through His eyes as He captains our life, rather than looking back at Him as we struggle through the storms of life.

     Oh, I know what you might be thinking. Am I supposed to have no plans or desires for my life? Am I just a passenger on the ship of my life? Going wherever my life is directed to go. With no idea of what is to happen next? Like a puppet who will just do or be whatever its Master requires. Absolutely not! That wouldn’t reflect a relationship would it? God has created each of us for relationship and purpose. The Creator of heaven and earth created you and me to be loved by Him. To do more in this world than just exist. To be co-laborers with Jesus in this life for His glory. He’s created us to be stewards in this life. Stewards over our bodies. Over our families. Over our careers. Over our earth. Everything we are responsible for in this life both individually and corporately has been given to us to steward.

     Control and stewardship are very different.  Stewardship is, “The careful use, control and management of the possessions of another that have been entrusted to one.[2] We are not to control in the sense of expecting God to take a back seat, but control in the sense of managing wisely. God entrusted us with everything in our possession. As we steward wisely, we give Him glory. As we steward wisely, we reflect Jesus as those in the world look on for guidance. What I have been given stewardship over in my life will not look the same as what you have been given. God created us uniquely and in His multifaceted image. We bring Him glory only when we walk fully our portion.


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