New Season. New Look.

     With each new season, we see things a little differently. Hopefully, that is a good thing. Well, it should be anyway. My point is, we must always get to the place, that as we arrive, we see things more and more like Christ does. In my new season, I have had to fight to see things His way. I have had to overcome my greatest battle, my mind. But as I sat in church this past Sunday, the sermon spoke specifically into this area. We often fight battles in our mind. We are human. It happens. However, it is in no way normal.

     As children of God, we are called to a much higher purpose. That purpose requires us to have higher thinking. To think like Christ, we cannot allow the thoughts that the enemy sends to control us, stop us, or hinder us in any way. We must immediately take authority over those thoughts. “We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:5). We do NOT have to allow those thoughts to stay.

     I say all of this to say, whatever you are facing today, know that it doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward. You have the authority to walk into your destiny because Jesus said so. Tell those thoughts they cannot stay. As a matter of fact, command them to go!

     As you will see as you look around the new site, much has changed. Including the Scripture point of this mission. It was written in my devotional yesterday. It was perfect timing in that I felt that a strengthening in the message was necessary. The enemy has shot his greatest weapons to my mind to stop this mission from going forth. But thank God for His Spirit that enables us to fight!

     As you tour the new site, read the new Scripture. Meditate on it. And capture the vision.


Natasha TubbsComment