Hi there. I'm Tasha. Welcome.


No matter where you find yourself in this journey called life, i'm so glad you're here.

a little bit about me: I am a proud Army wife, busy mom of four, author, teacher, and counselor. I am a fire starter and shaker when it comes to seeing God’s people walk in their full purpose! When I am not shaking things up or catching them on fire, you can find me  filled with good food, chatting it up with my girlfriends, or binging on Netflix. Basically, I enjoy my life!



A little bit more (if you are interested): I am a Liberty University Alumni. I Love teaching about Jesus and leading  ministry students to fulfill God's call on their lives in my home church in the sunny (and HOT) state of North Carolina.

In 2017, i self-published my first book called In Pursuit of Purpose available at Amazon.com. (Much more can be found in the Works tab). My next book REIGNITE will release 2019!!!. (You can find more info about my publisher UNITED HOUSE publishing at unitedhousepublishing.com 

Last but not least, I hope you are encouraged as you find your way around and That you would join me on this journey...

Tasha >>>>